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Our Expertise

Woodworm treatment Bath

Damp proofing, basements/ vaults, tanking plus many more

Timsbury Preservation Services a personal service, our expertise are quite broad and we specialise in damp proofing, basement tanking, and timber treatment.

We install:

Injected silicone damp proof courses to cure rising damp.

Cavity drainage membrane systems to waterproof basements and vaulted cellars to turn them into habitable rooms.

“Tank” walls that are below ground level stopping water from seeping through.

We treat timber for the infestation of woodworm, eradicate dry rot, wet rot and fungal decay.

NOTE: “Tanking” means Waterproofing walls:

Above ground this could be 3 coats of bituminous paint applied to walls before plastering.

Below ground a more substantial tanking system is required. This could be either two coats of cementitious tanking slurry applied to the walls and ceiling or a membrane made of high density polyethylene fixed to the walls and ceiling, creating a physical barrier that keeps any moisture on the outside of the room and directs it to drainage or soakaway points.

We are Approved Installers for permagard products, approved installers for Remmers and also use John Newton Company Ltd for membrane systems.

woodworm treatment bath