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For treatment and control of wood boring insects, wood destroying rots and fungi and dry rot of masonry…

Permagard consists of advanced timber and masonry treatment, professional treatment and protection for long term property preservation: Helping to protect buildings, the environment, the operator / technician, the occupants and your business.

Water soluble sachets (WSS) is the safer way for treatment. The range packages concentrated, proven, active ingredients into small measured dose, pre-sealed water soluble sachets. The advantages and benefits of this novel method of packaging and dispensing of pesticide products are available as: permagard insecticide WSS, permagard dual purpose WSS and permagard masonry Biocide WSS.

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The fastest waterproofing system on the market…  

Our waterproofing system consists uses very few products and the system does:
Remove old render and coatings.

Chase out defective joints damaged by salts.

Just one product used for the bonding layers and waterproofing.

Very easy to apply

Many times faster than a conventional system

Enormous time saving through the use of new technology

Just one visit to the building being restored

Greatest reliability through excellent adhesive bonding of all system components

Extremely cost effective

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Internal membrane for below-ground waterproofing…

We use John Newton and Co Ltd, established back in 1848, who are the longest-established independent specialist in damp proofing, water control and drainage products in the UK. New developments to historic buildings, including conversion, renovation and refurbishment can be achieved.

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